Car Door Magnets

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Key points for our cheap car door magnet printing product

We always encourage customers to try every sort of marketing, depending on your target market, this could work as a charm. Some key benefits of our car door magnets are:
  • For cards, vans, and trucks, these affordable car magnets are a perfect fit for you. Size big enough to be readable from the distance.
  • Our car door magnet won’t damage your car or your paint. Our magnetic strip is powerful but yet, but it will take care of your car paint and will never damage your door. Remember to remove it once in a while to clean the inside and your door.
  • The good thing about our car door magnets is the fact that this is not a permanent marketing tool, and it is also reusable. You are free to transfer it from one vehicle to the other without any effort.
  • A single sign, that is capable of moving with you and with your vehicle is much more powerful than a still sign or banner that will stay in the same place until removed.

Car Door magnets are the easiest installation device and can be pasted onto the physique of your automobile as a unique advertising opportunity. Easy to take away or can be modified and updated often to be used as and when you want it. It can be customizable to any measurement for any dimension vehicle. Turn to ride into an advertising and marketing platform to assist your enterprise make a strong impact on pedestrians and other drivers alike at the same time as on the move.

We use a combination of excellent premium exceptional materials and high-definition HP Latex Printing that makes use of pigmented water-based inks that are higher and last longer than solvent printing. We are in a position to produce vibrant, waterproof, scratch proof and eco-friendly prints to make sure that your product can help you maximize your promotional efforts. Car Door magnets are the easiest setup tool and can be pasted onto the body of your vehicle as a special marketing opportunity. Easy to put off or can be modified and updated typically to be used as and when you want it. It can be customizable to any dimension for any size vehicle.

Design Gallery: Custom Car Magnets

Find famous sketch templates for Custom Car Magnets – or browse more Custom Car Magnets designs in our gallery.

Custom Car Magnets: Take your idea to reality.

Looking for an easy way to make customized Custom Car Magnets? Our company is right here to help. We have a range of customizable Custom Car Magnets templates, with picks to add images, logos, and more. Working with your own design? Our upload trip lets your focal point on the product preferences that are most vital to you. We can even pair you with one of our designers to create a signature that seems to be for your Custom Car Magnets. Whatever your need, we’ll work with you till your custom introduction appears just right. Ready to get started? Terrific – so are we.

1. I have been looking for ways and huge magnets I should have confidence in my car as it just got repaired. The paint I knew would take a long time to fully therapy so I would put my stickers on it. I determined I didn’t prefer to wait and hoped to find some proper magnets to assist me to get the job done! These magnets not solely were best for placing stickers they have been bendy and adequate to appear exceptional on my trunk and they additionally have been convenient to cut after I acquired used to their thickness of them! BUY THESE if you want to have a fear-free way to display stickers on your car. They will not disappoint!
2. My husband thought this would be a good thought to stick to his business brand too when on carrier calls. His decal sticks to the magnet perfectly. The problem used to be the magnets no longer stick to the automobile whilst used down the road.
3. We used these to have signs and symptoms made for my chase vehicle. They are a first-rate size, continue to be put, and appear to be holding up well!
4. My husband’s concept would be the exact idea to stick to his enterprise emblem when on provider calls. His decal sticks to the magnet perfectly. The trouble used to be the magnets no longer stick to the automobile while riding down the road.
5. This product used to be packaged in a tube and was in tremendous condition when it arrived. Works ideal for masking business enterprise brands on vehicles. The magnet strip on again was very durable.

What does an automobile magnet do?

Car magnets are honestly a promotional device that sticks to the aspect of your car and is removable! Car Magnets are a tremendous way to expand business awareness, whether you desire to promote your products and services, enhance your image, extend manufacturer awareness, or virtually make a statement!
What records ought to be on a car magnet?
Your automobile magnet has to definitely characterize you and your company. As such, there are a few fundamental portions of statistics to have on your magnet: your organization name, logo, smartphone number, and website or your online platform.
Do magnets stick to automobile doors?
It will stick to any flat car surface made of metal. Please be aware that it will no longer work on fiberglass/plastic doorways or areas of the vehicle which have had substantial physique harm (corrected the use of Bondo or putty).

Buying Car Magnets: Things To Consider

Buying auto magnets is continually a venture and a task. There are a lot of products in the market today, so it is not easy to set your eyes on the best one for you. When you are about to purchase an item, it’s so handy to make a selection primarily based on the captivating charge offered.
It is vital to think about different elements when shopping for automobile magnets. This is fundamental because the particular product you are interested in might also be unique from different similar ones accessible in the market or else. You want to acquire all the indispensable facts about the automobile magnets which you desire to purchase and then compare it with the merchandise of your choice.

The purpose of this guide is to element the distinction between excellent and awful stuff, so you might not make mistakes while buying. When buying vehicle magnets you ought to think about the following factors:

• Do you really need it?
• Customer reviews on Amazon, Google, etc.
• What is the fine of the material used in making the product?
• How durable is this product?
• Will it last long, or will it smash after some use?
• How a lot does the product cost?
• Is it really worth the price?
• Does the product have any guarantee or guarantee?
• How an awful lot does it fee and what are its features?
• Is the product convenient to use?
• Does it incorporate toxic materials?

Product Quality

Quality is the diploma to which a product meets the expectation of its users. It can be measured with the aid of the consumer’s satisfaction with the product or through the market price of the product. An outstanding product may have a value greater than its low-quality counterpart, but it will remain longer and operate better.
Quality in manufacturing refers to how well a product meets its specifications and format requirements. Auto magnets with suitable pleasant will have consistent performance parameters throughout all gadgets produced from one manufacturing lot or batch. Low-quality car magnets may additionally not meet their graph necessities or fail prematurely due to negative material determination or construction strategies that no longer meet industry requirements for protection and durability.


The feature is an aspect of auto magnets that can be used to differentiate it from competitors’ offerings. A product’s facets are regularly described in its advertising materials, so you must be in a position to get a precise experience of what they are before buying. Features are essential due to the fact they can lead to greater client pride by providing advantages that customers value.
When thinking about a purchase, you ought to ask whether or not the object has the wanted features. If it does, then cross on to the next step. If it would not have those features, then you may additionally choose to reconsider your purchase. Benefits are the facets of a product that lead to customer satisfaction.


The next factor that you have to reflect on consideration on when purchasing car magnets is your budget. How a good deal do you have? Do you have sufficient money to buy a luxurious item or should you settle for something cheaper? These are questions that ought to move your thought first earlier than going out there and shopping for something besides wondering about how tons cash you have left after paying payments or making purchases online or offline. You need to ask yourself these questions so that at least when spending money on something, no remember how high priced or cheap.


The charge of automobile magnets is typically the first thing we seem at when considering a purchase. However, it’s only one element in determining whether or now not to buy something. Before making your remaining decision, reflect on consideration of all of the other elements as nicely — along with fee and satisfaction — before finding out if it is really worth paying extra for an item with better points or first-rate than shopping for something less expensive but lacking in these areas.

The pleasant way to determine if the charge is proper for vehicle magnets is to do your research. Compare prices and features of comparable items, and if the rate is higher than you expected, ask yourself if it is worth paying more for what you’re getting. If so, then go in advance and purchase it.

Value For Money

When you purchase car magnets, you must make certain it is well worth your money. You should by no means buy something simply due to the fact it is cheap. The exceptional way to make sure you get the most value for cash is by comparing exceptional products. You should research every automobile magnet before deciding on and comparing its points with those of different comparable products. This will help you choose the one that gives excellent value for money.
You must additionally make certain that the product is long-lasting and will serve you for a long time. This is particularly important if you are buying something expensive. If you want to get the most value for your money, shopping for merchandise that remains longer than one year is best.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is one of the most vital factors when buying car magnets. You want something that’s easy to use and doesn’t require hours of analyzing manuals or instructions. The simpler it is, the better!

Consider how handy it is to use the auto magnets. The less complicated it is to use; the extra probable you will honestly use it. You must also reflect on consideration on whether or not the product is easy for humans who aren’t tech-savvy. The less complicated a product is to use, the extra probably you’ll use it regularly. If the personal interface is confusing, it should be hard or irritating to use.

Customer Service

When you purchase vehicle magnets, you choose to know that there are human beings out there who can help you if something goes wrong. Customer service representatives have to be friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful when you have questions or problems with your purchase.
You should be in a position to attain a client-provider representative easily with the aid of phone or email, and they reply rapidly when you have questions or concerns. If your object is broken or defective, the employer needs to work with you to restore or change it as short as possible.

Why Car Magnets?

Car magnets are one of the fine approaches to promoting your business. Whether you are a small startup or a massive company, marketing on your auto is like having a fleet of cellular billboards that show off your brand. Car decals can be connected to any automobile at any time. Use it on your non-public car, a fleet of work vehicles, and even on cars, you don’t own. If you buy a new auto or need to move the sign to a different vehicle, in reality, peel it off. Magnetic signs and symptoms on your automobile are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business because they journey with you. Rather than reaching the equal group of people who pressure via a billboard or yard sign, vehicle magnets entice the eyes of humans in all places your vehicle goes.

They are perfect for:

• General contractors
• Businesses with a large fleet of vehicles
• Home inspectors
• Construction subcontractors
• Real property agents
• Direct income representatives
• Landscaping companies
• Political campaigns
• Moving & storage companies
• Home service companies
• Small enterprise owners
• Businesses that supply (pizza, flowers, catering, etc.)
• Rental tools companies
• Independent contractors
• Freelance and “gig” workers

Signazon is the expert in durable, long-lasting, professionally printed auto magnets. For extra than 12 years we have been presenting agencies and persons with lovely magnetic car signs and symptoms that are built to stand the test of time. Business Car Magnets Attract New Customers. No depend on on what sort of business you run, one of the most necessary matters to do is convey to new customers.

Magnetic vehicle decals are an affordable and long-lasting way to draw interest to the products and offerings you sell, and construct your company locally, regionally, or nationally. Signazon uses solely the perfect exceptional ink and materials to print every automobile magnet. You won’t get a flimsy, paper-thin magnet or one printed with cheap ink. We print every sign with splendid and durable latex ink, then instantly observe a scratch-resistant and weather-resistant coating to protect your signs and symptoms for months to come.

We additionally offer Easy Stick Vinyl for any cars that are fiberglass or aluminum (since magnets won’t stick to these surfaces).

Installation & Care

Ordering and installing your custom auto magnets from Signazon is simple, simply comply with these three steps.

Step 1: Measuring your car magnets

Carefully measure the flat floor of the automobile where you design to put the magnetic vehicle sign. It’s important to measure effectively so you can order a custom auto magnet in the proper size.

To get an ideal measurement:

• Only measure flat surfaces.
• Measure around matters like door jam handles, and automobile emblems; placing an auto magnet over these matters will now not work.
• Write down the exact measurements. Do no longer estimate. Even a small miscalculation can end result in a magnet that doesn’t fit.

Step 2: Creating your customized auto magnet design

Once you have all the measurements, log on to Signazon and begin your customized auto magnet order. You can select from a large variety of trendy sizes or create a size that is precisely what you need. Remember that you solely have a restrained amount of space. Create a desirable plan that human beings can without difficulty examine whilst they are driving. Use these recommendations and fantastic practices for vehicle advertising and marketing magnet design:

• Choose an easy model of your emblem that human beings can effortlessly read from a distance.
• Select contrasting colors, such as a white history with darkish blue, black, or gray text.
• Choose a font dimension that is easy to read from quite a few toes away; typically human beings can study 1 inch of textual content from 10 toes away, so if you choose anyone to see it 30 toes away your text ought to be at least 3 inches tall, 40 toes need to be four inches, and so on.
• Don’t encompass too much text. Keep it simple and center of attention on just your key service(s), your brand, and a website or telephone number.

Step 3: Install your automobile magnets

Your customized car magnets from Signazon will be professionally printed and shipped rapidly so you can get them on your vehicle as quickly as possible. When they arrive, area your magnets on a fridge door for at least 24 hours to flatten and re-magnetize them after shipping, easy the area on your automobile to the place you prefer to install the signal with soap and water, then dry it completely.

Carefully attach the magnet to the flat metal surface and remove any air bubbles below by means of pressing on it gently. Air bubbles enable airflow underneath, which leads to damage or may want to motive it to peel off. Now drive around and advertise your business!

We use US-made splendid fabric that is flexible, scratch resistant, and can adhere to all kinds of steel vehicles. It is designed for detrimental climate conditions and can face up to rain, sleet, snow, UV rays, and excessive temperatures from -15 to 160.

2. What kinds of automobiles can I put a custom car magnet on?

You can connect magnetic signs to all types of metallic vehicles. If you are no longer certain whether your vehicle is made of metal, take a look at it before you purchase business auto magnets. Some motors today are made of fiberglass or aluminum, and magnets will now not stick to these materials. We provide low-tack adhesives for non-metal surfaces.

3. Where can you put an auto magnet?

Magnetic automobile signs can be placed on any flat surface of the vehicle. Avoid areas that have raised or indented spots on the car, door handles, or other obstructions. The satisfactory places are on the doors, tailgate, or side panels of a van.

4. Will a car door magnet smash my paint?

No, a vehicle magnet will not injure the paint. In fact, vehicle magnets supply a layer of protection for the paint underneath and prevent scratches, fading, or harm from UV rays. When you prefer to take it off absolutely peel it away.

4. How do I understand the magnet won’t fall off whilst I’m driving?

We use durable and top-notch materials to make our magnetic signs. When installed correctly, these strong magnets can face up to all types of weather, wind, and different common wear and tear from driving. We additionally print it with rounded corners to avoid peeling corners, which is the most common purpose magnets come off.

Always measure your vehicle’s flat floor and customize the dimension to fit. Avoid putting over curved surfaces, lips, trims, or rivets to give up air pockets getting between the metal automobile surface and the magnetic auto signs. Eliminate the hazard of the magnet flying away.

Do not area over vehicle wraps or current car decals.

5. Can I wash my car with a vehicle magnet on?

No, Absolutely not. Always shield your Car magnets and Reusable Car Decals by way of doing away with them before washing the vehicle, ease them with water separately, keep them flat, and reapply it after the surface is smooth and dry.

Doing so will help put off the possibility of the fabric getting scratched or damaged, moved by excessive stress water, chemicals/ waxes, or debris & moisture getting in between the material and the body of the vehicle’s surface.

As long as you follow the instruction, your magnetic symptoms and handy stick vinyl will stay bright and works perfectly on your automobile door for a lengthy time.

6. Where the Magnet be stored?

Storing your magnets is easy, truly area back on a refrigerator or massive flat metal surface. Storing in a clean, dry environment, ideally on a leveled clean metal surface. Not on the seats of a vehicle or in a trunk, for the reason that it is now not flat and can without difficulty exceed a hundred and fifty degrees F. Make certain to not region objects on top of the magnet to attempt and flatten or stack two magnets with the magnetic cloth facing every other, this will motivate it to demagnetize.

7. Can Signazon assist me to graph a custom car magnet?

Definitely! Our friendly and helpful client service crew is here to help with something you need to make your custom automobile advertising magnets. Call us today to discuss your needs.