Cheap Color Copies Printing

Top Selling Product Offers High- Quality Cheap Color Copies in Customizable Sizes and Design

  • Premium-quality color copies for various marketing, educational, and internal marketing material.
  • The lowest rates are possible for color copy prints in every size and style.
  • Nationwide delivery with rush printing and same-day delivery options.
  • Free design service for customizable options. 
  • Bind and finish color copies however you want.
  • Affiliated with USPS for speedy delivery from our copiers straight to your doorstep.
  • Skip long lines at the local print shop by choosing our cheaper, faster, and more personalized color copies printing service.

Step by Step Instructions for Our Cheap Color Copies Printing Service

Do you need colored copies printed ASAP?

Cheap Rush Printing can help.

Our store runs a nationwide operation for online printing services by partnering with USPS for
successful deliveries. You can place an order with us for anything from worksheets, handouts,
wedding programs, brochures, booklets, and more.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

Step 1: Prep and Plan for Your Cheap Digital Prints

Cheap Rush Printing strives to deliver top-notch customer service. We help you make informed
decisions by scheduling a brainstorming session. You can use the time to ask questions from
our experienced professionals.

Our dutiful customer support team will answer your questions to explain how online printing
services work. Use that information to envision what your colored copy will look like. Consider
the benefits of gloss vs. matte finish, binding styles, and other aspects of the overall print.

Step 2: Use Our Online Calculator to Get a Free Quote

Once you outline your marketing/educational goals, you can use our online calculator for cheap
color copies printing services. Insert the relevant values to receive a free quote. It gives you a
tentative idea of the final cost of your order.

Here’s what you should decide beforehand:

● How many colored copies do you want?
● What will be the paper size?
● What type of paper stock do you want?
● How many pages will each product have (including single/double side prints)?
● Do you want us to staple your colored prints?
● What type of binding do you prefer? (Options include comb binding, coil binding, wire
binding, velo or hardcover binding, and more)
● What’s your deadline?
● Where do you live?

Our intelligent AI calculator will generate the final costs after assessing your requirements. You
can adjust quantities to get new quotes for design, printing, and delivery within seconds.
The pre‐payment analysis allows you to easily place an order based on your budget.

Step 3: DIY Design / Free Design Review

Cheap Rush Printing offers free design review services. If you have digitally designed colored
copies available, send them for a professional assessment. Our experts will review the format,
font size, image resolution, and other details. Use our feedback to make relevant adjustments to
your digital copy to fit our traditional template design.

Expert advice ensures that your colored copies come out well after printing. More importantly,
the format and techniques comply with our guidelines.

Without guidance, you may experience delays or have to reprint your copies due to creative/
technical errors you overlooked at your end.

What If You Don’t Have a Designer?

Don’t fret. You don’t need advanced design skills or a professional designer to place an order.
Our experts can help you create beautiful bespoke designs for color printing services.
We provide various online design options to accommodate your unique needs and preferences.

  1. Online Free Design Tool
  2. Use our built-in online design tool to create custom designs for your prints. You can make these designs from scratch or use our pre-designed templates. The customizable templates can feature personalized text, images, and brand logos.
  3. Free Design Services: Would you like experts to help? We offer free design services for simple and minimalistic graphics/illustrations. Schedule a consultation to discuss your vision in detail. We will let you know if your idea meets the criteria for this complimentary service.
  4. Paid Graphic Design: Are you looking for something more high-end? You should choose our premium graphic design service for that. Our professional designers charge $95 for both sides and approx. $48 for a single-sided colored print copy. The service includes a limited revision to ensure you get the perfect print. We will happily modify the content according to your feedback to ensure each delivered print brings a smile to your face.
  5. Cheap Rush Printing proves that we are not like other online printing services. We go above
    and beyond by adding free and paid design services to the package. That way, you can print
    desired products without any trouble.

Step 4: Place Your Order for Cheap Color Copies Printing Service

Place your print order once you have finalized a design. If you have asked for a customized
print, we shall send you an online design proof for review. Go over the content, design, and
binding requirements before completing the payment process.

You can pay immediately or in installments (if you place a bulk order). Your colored printed
copies will arrive within the designated time.

Step 5: Delivered to Your Doorstep

It doesn’t matter whether you ordered one copy or a hundred copies. Our diligent team treats
each order equally and ensures they reach you within the decided time. We work with the
always reliable USPS because it allows us to deliver quality products nationwide.

We will ensure your colored prints are packed securely and arrive timely.

Our customer support team will answer your queries if you experience any problems tracking
your order. The designated customer support representatives will contact you if there are any
difficulties at our end. Otherwise, we advise you to try USPS for further inquiries.

Sounds simple, right?

Place an order today to receive high-quality colored prints at your doorstep.

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This is the list of inexpensive Color Copy guideline templates:

Standard Size Low Cost Color Copie Printing:
8.5″ x 11″ Popular size business cards – Front | Back
11″ x 17″ Rounded corners business cards – Front | Back

Cheap Color Copies, as well as the flyers, are among the products that people use the most for any imaginable purpose, we have added some generic design templates that will fit your needs pretty well.

If you don’t like any of the designs shown below or they just don’t fit your needs, please contact us and we will create a free or paid custom color copy design setup just for you.

Bight yellow color copy template for a flashy gym or trainer promotion. Promote a new trainer or a monthly subscription deal with this template.

Download Gym Color Copy Template

Running real estate campaigns? selling a house? Running a yard sale? This color copy design template will guide you to a better-looking promotional flyer.

Download Real Estate Color Copy Template

Give your customers ideas on what to order next, when they receive the order at their door. Include this flyer with some of your best deals!

Download Food Color Copy Template

Special for local help, many events use flyers to get noticed in the neighborhood where they are going to be doing medical tests and activities.

Download Medical Color Copy Template

Black and Red, the symbolism of the famous Black Friday discount day. This is very often used for any sort of deal or discount, as well as for Black Friday!

Download Discount Color Copy Template

What to expect?

  • Premium quality color printing for versatile projects
  • Color prints are available in different paper sizes, paper stocks, and formats
  • Matte or gloss finish
  • Quick turnaround at competitive prices
  • Free design services and review to make your colored prints look great
  • Our online printing service accepts all file formats ( JPG and PDF recommended for higher
  • resolution)
  • Standard color setting: RGB and 300 dpi resolution
  • Multiple finishing options are available to bind your printed copies I.e., stapling, folding, wire binding)
  • Rush printing/same-day printing services available upon request
  • Nationwide delivery courtesy partnership with USPS
  • No hidden costs
  • Cooperative team to guide you from start to finish

We take great pride in delivering high-quality results at the lowest possible prices. This has
allowed us to build long-term relationships with our regular customers and earned us many referrals.

Don’t take our word for it. Scroll through the client reviews to find out how our cheap color copy printing services saved their time and money.

Here’s what they have to say:

Great service
We enjoyed working with Cheap Rush Printing. The staff was friendly and super cooperative.
They made sure we got our colored printed brochures on time. I will definitely use them again.
Michelle Lee (Houston, Texas)

I am extremely happy with my prints
We ordered 150 wedding programs for my daughter’s big day. They turned out just right, and
the glossy paper didn’t cost much. Thank you, guys!
Jennifer Jones (Nashville, Tennessee)

Speedy delivery
Reliable service, friendly staff, and reasonable pricing.
Jared Cyrus (San Francisco, California)

Great response time
I asked a bunch of online color printing shops for a quote. These guys responded within a few
hours and delivered my booklets within days. I highly recommend them to others.
Lucas Miranda (Camden, New Jersey)

A 5-star service
They have been a joy to work with for corporate marketing prints and in-house projects.
Mike Jackson (San Diego, California)

Great colored printing prices
I saved hundreds of dollars by choosing Cheap Rush Printing. They are quick and efficient, and
you can trust them to deliver good results without burning a hole in your wallet.
Pauline Shaw (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Their Free Design Reviews saved me from a costly mistake
I needed to print booklets for a marketing campaign. Cheap Rush Printing offered a free design
review and taught me how to adjust coloring to get better prints. I can’t thank them enough.
David Bradshaw (Norfolk, Virginia)

Trust them to get the job done
I have printed everything from flyers and brochures to booklets from Cheap Rush Printing. They
have never disappointed me.
Sarah Adams (New York, New York)

An amazing customer support team
I wasn’t sure how online printing services worked. The customer support walked me through the
process and answered all my questions. I was very happy with the deliverables too.
James Anderson (Tampa, Florida)

They saved our trade show
Our office printer stopped working at the eleventh hour. Cheap Rush Printing was kind enough
to take on a bulk order on a deadline. They were highly professional, attentive, and cooperative.
We plan to place another order soon.
Hannah Martin (Fort Myers, Florida)

Best online printing service ever
We routinely place orders for digital color copies from here. The prices are low, and the service
is quick. We give them 5/5.
Veena Singh (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

We loved our custom-designed prints
It’s a 2-in-1 online printing store with custom design options. They’re easy-to-use tools that allow
us to create some lovely marketing brochures for our upcoming workshop. Thank you so much,
Sasha Patterson (Atlanta, Georgia)

Super affordable and efficient
If you want the most bang for your buck, try Cheap Rush Printing. They got a hundred high-
quality flyers digitally printed and delivered within days. I can’t thank them enough for helping
with my project without demanding a high price for their service.
Maxwilliam Smith (Jacksonville, Florida)

Our go-to partner for rushing printing services
We have tried them a couple of times and have yet to experience any complaints. They get the
job done faster than the rest for lower prices.
Ashely Williams (Jersey City, New Jersey)

We offer many Digital Printing products with fast production time and low prices:

/// Color Copies products:

  • Digital Color Copy Print
  • Rush Color Copies
  • Premium Color Copy

/// Other digital products:

  • Digital Business Cards
  • Digital Brochures
  • Digital Flyers
  • Digital Postcards
  • Digital EDDM Eligible Postcards
  • Digital Bookmarks
  • Digital Letterheads
  • Digital Envelopes

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, enterprise, or marketer looking for extra help through color
copy printing, we can help. Our cheap color copies are also available for printing material for recreational, educational, or social events.

What Are Color Copies?

Industry standards define color printing as reproducing an original document/photograph in
color. You can print hundreds and thousands of printed color copies to market your business,
spread awareness about a campaign, share legal documents with your corporate team, or
educational handouts with your learners.
You will share your original files via email. We can review them to check if they are print ready
or not.

Cheap color copies printing services pave the way for endless opportunities. You can print high-
resolution images and documents of anything you want within days.

We use heavy-duty printing presses to accommodate high volumes of orders without
experiencing any breakdowns or errors. It makes it easier for us to deliver top-notch results in
record time.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Are you tired of making frequent runs to the local print shop? Individuals and companies that
need multiple color copies might spend hours in a long queue to get the job done.

Cheap Rush Printing saves you time, money, and resources by offering services online. You
don’t have to worry about jammed office printers, limited service hours, or costly printing
supplies during our collaboration.

Our personalized approach provides design solutions faster and high-quality products better
than the rest. Our flexible payment system allows you to pay as you print (or sometimes in

We are:
● Cost-effective: We offer the lowest printing prices in the industry to match your budget
● Cooperative: Client satisfaction remains our top priority, so we listen attentively and
ensure your requests are met throughout production and delivery.
● Creative: Our online printing shop shares innovative ideas to uplift your marketing
campaigns with our flawlessly printed products.

You can start with a small order before you trust our company for bulk delivery. We guarantee
that our diligent team will not disappoint you.

The whole process becomes easy, breezy, and light on your pocket.

Free Design Tool & Free Design Review Available Upon Request

Don’t you hate it when colored prints don’t come out right?

Our custom design service allows you to bring your vision to printed copies without any
mistakes. There’s no need to master design tools for printed copies. You will either use the
original sample you have or create an inspired design.

Our free design services allow you to create DIY prints or appoint an expert to create something
for you without any cost. We also offer paid design service options if required.

What is a Free Design Review?

Most clients have an original copy for color copies. We review the image you send to check
whether or not it fits our design templates. You can use our expert feedback to make the
required changes to the digital print.

These modifications help elevate your design and ensure that the print comes out right in the
first go.

How Much Do Color Copy Prints Cost?

Our industry-grade printing press and advanced technology allow us to mass produce color
copies with ease. Due to this, we can offer cheap color copies printing services across the US.
We can’t share a definitive price for your order because many variables are involved. The final
cost depends on the original design, paper type (i.e., glossy, matte, whiteboard), and the
number of prints ordered.

In many cases, we ask for a couple of cents per print. You can use our Online Calculator above
to get a free estimate by adding the required values.

We guarantee that our online printing shop offers some of the lowest prices in the industry. It
makes these specialized services accessible and affordable for interested clients.

How Do We Keep Our Prices Low?

We are one of the few national printing companies that don’t overcharge customers for simple
requests. Instead, we deliver high-value printed products at low prices.

Our extensive network with vendors and suppliers, collaboration with USPS, and repeat client
history allow us to sell products at wholesale prices. Compared to your local printing store, we
get more orders and have a quicker production time. This allows us to generate higher ROIs for
our business. That leads to better pricing for customers.

We aim to ensure that every client in the corporate and commercial industry can access the
resources required to complete printing projects. We want you to feel valued by our level of
dedication and support.

How Long Will It Take You to Print My Color Copies?

It takes 2 to 5 business days for the design and production of your colored prints. Once they are
done, we will ship your package through USPS. They take 2 to 3 business days to reach you,
depending on your location.

Please note that some colored copies require extended production time. It may happen if you
add custom finishing options (like bleeds, binding, folding, or other specifications). Our client
representative will share a tentative timeline when you place an order.

Do You Offer Same-Day Deliveries?

Cheap Rush Printing offers urgent delivery services if you mention the deadline when placing
the order. Kindly share your billing and shipping details to receive the estimated delivery time
and costs for your rush delivery.

Rest assured, we will not compromise the quality of your prints for urgent orders. Instead, the team will be extra careful to deliver the best-colored copies to you.

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