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Cheap RUSH Printing is now offering the lowest prices for printing EDDM®-eligible postcards, on approved paper stock and sizes.

  • No Mailing List is Needed!
  • Over 8 Different sizes are available and approved by the USPS® for EDDM® mailing rates.
  • $0.187 flat rate for each piece you mail at USPS®.
  • Low-cost mailing for marketing for small businesses.
  • Reduced rates for special postcard sizes eligible with the USPS® EDDM® program.
  • Top-Quality state-of-the-art offset printing front and back.
  • RUSH printing is available.


Building a mailing project is not as simple as creating a business card and printing it. A printing job for mailing takes a little bit more thinking and planning ahead. We will guide you through the process of creating your EDDM® Eligible postcard step by step.

Step 1: Study the marketing area.

This is where you decide what market to target, how many businesses, or how many homes you are planning on sending your marketing postcards. At USPS, you will find a tool for mapping, this will help you build your target area easily by introducing a zip code and show you their all time low prices for mailing.
USPS Mapping Tool:

(USPS Mapping tool)

Step 2: Quote size / Quantity

Now that you know exactly how many of our cheap EDDM printing postcards you will be sending in your campaign, it is time to check what size and quantity will fit your budget. At CheapRUSHPrinting, we offer quantities starting from 250 units all the way up to 100,000 by request. With our online calculator above, you may check prices on the fly for printing and shipping for up to 40,000 postcards with many different sizes/paper stock, all eligible by the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program.

Quote price at

Step 3: Build the design

If you already have a designer in charge of the graphic design, just make sure they are aware of our template guidelines, so they can fit your design inside our template, to make sure the design is complying with our requirements for very affordable prices.

Now that you know for sure what quantity and postcard size is needed for your order, then we can proceed to build the design. If you don’t have a graphic designer for this Cheap EDDM Printing project, we are here to help in many different ways:

  • Online Free Design Tool: You may use our online designer to build your own design, or select any of our pre-designed templates and just modify images, logos, and text.
  • FREE Design Services: If you are interested in having a simple graphic setup for your EDDM design, we can help you for FREE. Contact us via chat or call to discuss this project.
  • Paid Graphic Design: For a premium design, we charge $95 for both sides. This will include numerous sets of changes and we guarantee you will love the looks of your art.
Step 4: Bundle or not Bundled?

USPS Requires all the postcards to be bundled in pre-printed and pre-filled slips.
(Download Here) These slips should bundle up packs of 100 postcards.

We offer bundle services at an additional cost for the RUSH EDDM® Postcards printing product, not for the Cheap EDDM® Printing product. Please take this into account at the time of deciding what services you need.

Download facing slips and other supporting documents at the TEMPLATE zone above.

Step 4: Place the order

Now, just place the order. Approve all design proofs generated by our team (If needed). Complete payment and wait until your order arrives.

Bundle the EDDM® postcards if the order didn’t include bundle services, and then take the postcards to the nearest USPS® store near you for mailing.

Guideline Templates (Download)

Download EDDM® indicia – Local Postal Customer

Download EDDM® bundle facing slip design.

Download guideline templates for our EDDM®-sized eligible postcards:

4″ x 11″ (Front) – (Back)
4.25″ x 11″ (Front) – (Back)
4.5″ x 11″ (Front) – (Back)
6″ x 11″ (Front) – (Back)
6.5″ x 8″ (Front) – (Back)
6.5″ x 9″ (Front) – (Back)
6.5″ x 11″ (Front) – (Back)
6.5″ x 12″ (Front) – (Back)
8″ x 10″ (Front) – (Back)
8.5″ x 11″ (Front) – (Back)
9″ x 11″ (Front) – (Back)
9″ x 12″ (Front) – (Back)

We will be adding pre-designed templates for real estate, event makers, and more!

  • We accept all file formats, but we recommend JPG and PDF.
  • We recommend 300dpi resolution.
  • Color settings to CMYK.

If you need further details about our Every Door Direct Mail postcards products, please contact us

What is EDDM®?
First of all, let’s start explaining what the abbreviation means: Every Door Direct Mail. USPS® decided to create a new program to make it very easy for the public, for the creation and mailing of marketing pieces for a very affordable price and without the great hassle of buying or building your mailing list. We will explain how this great USPS® program works, keep reading!

What is the EDDM® Indicia?

The EDDM retail indicia (download at our template tab) is a very simple requirement for all EDDM mailing postcards. It consists of 2 small images that should be carried preferably on the back of each postcard. Keep in mind that this program is a very affordable marketing solution for all sorts of small businesses like restaurants, realtors, politics, and more.

It has a minimum limitation of 200 mailed postcards per day, and a maximum of 5,000 mailed postcards per day for every zip code provided.

Can I do the postcards Bundle myself?

Yes, you can download the bundle slip template we provide on the template tab above, then print it at your house printer (or go to any copy center to have a few of these printed), then wrap in packs of 50’s or 100’s. Then fill in all the needed information on the slip. Make sure the bundle is tight enough so the flyers won’t squeeze out of it.

Make sure all the information ends showing upward the flyers. Keep in mind a maximum of 6″ tall for each pack is required.

This is the information indicated in the facing slip:

  • ZIP Code
  • Delivery type (residential or business address?)
  • Route number
  • Drop off the date of your EDDM® postcards
  • Number of mailers per bundle
  • Number of mailers per bundle
  • The total number of bundles

Does it have size and thickness limitations?

Yes, there are some limitations that we already took care of, our EDDM Printing products will not offer you a size or a paper that is not compatible with the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program.

Postcard corners should not exceed a 0.125” radius. Overall dimensions, the maximum if 15” long, 12” high, and 0.75” thick. The minimum is > 10.5” long or >6.125” high or >0.25” thick.

Should we use a return address?

Yes, the return address is usually placed on the left side of the back of your postcard design (Top Left Corner).

Can we get a full EDDM print and mailing service?

At this time, we are only assisting, printing, and bundling (For RUSH EDDM postcards printing) the postcards for the customers, then we mail the order to the customer and the customer takes the postcards to their local USPS store for mailing.

For faster printing, we have the RUSH EDDM® printing product
For higher quality output, we have the PREMIUM EDDM® Prints product
If you only need a few samples, we could also do DIGITAL EDDM® Print for you.

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