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Our envelopes can be printed in simple ways with just logo+text, or you could go creative and create a full bleed envelope design with images and colors all over the place, some other key features are:
  • Offset printed envelopes before folding, to make sure they come high quality and full bleed (ink all the way to the edge).
  • For affordability, we can also print pre-folded envelopes with simple front and back design files.
  • For economical envelopes, remember we will leave about a 1/4″ white border all around it.
  • Paper stock is always high quality, bright white, and uncoated which will also be compatible with laser printers in case you need to add further information to it.



An envelope is a frequent packaging item, usually made of thin, flat material. It is designed to incorporate a flat object, such as a letter or card.

Traditional envelopes are made from sheets of paper cut into one of three shapes: a rhombus, a short-arm pass, or a kite. These shapes allow the envelope shape to be made by folding the sheet aspects around a central rectangular area. In this manner, a rectangle-faced enclosure is formed with an association of 4 flaps on the reverse side. They are used for economic gifts.

Cheap Envelopes – Budget-friendly in Package Quantity

When you’re looking to rapidly shop for low-priced envelopes, our organization is the online shop for you. All of our cheap envelopes are made from various company and non-branded papers and sourced for the duration of the globe. You can type thru our choice of economically priced envelopes—perfect for mass mailings and so an awful lot more.

Our low-priced white envelopes are handy to order as single packs or in bulk, which makes them best for each organization and individual. Our cheap white envelope and catalog envelope decision includes merchandise that characteristic clasps, peel-to-seal, safety tints, windows, and/or pleasant prints. Shop our collection of low-priced envelopes

History of envelopes

The first acknowledged envelope was once nothing like the paper envelope of today. It can be dated lower back to around 3500 to 3200 BC in the historical Middle East. Hollow clay spheres were molded around monetary tokens and used in non-public transactions. The two people who determined these first envelopes were Jacques de Morgan, in 1901, and Roland de Mecquenem, in 1907.

Paper envelopes have been developed in China, where paper was invented in the 2nd century BC. Paper envelopes acknowledged as chih poh, were used to save presents money. In the Southern Song dynasty, the Chinese imperial court docket used paper envelopes to distribute economic items to authorities and officials.

In Western history, from the time bendy writing cloth grew to be extra easily on hand in the thirteenth century until the mid-19th century, correspondence used to be generally secured via a system of letter folding and sealing which every now and then employed elaborate letter locking strategies to point out tampering or prove authenticity. Some of these techniques, which may want to involve stitching or wax seals, had been also employed for impenetrable hand-made envelopes.

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Our enterprise offers the biggest in-stock decision of envelope sizes, styles, and hues to make certain you discover the perfect product for your special needs.

We mix this with rapid shipments, pleasant printing, and amazing patron provider to ensure complete consumer satisfaction. No count number the size, fashion or color you’re looking for, we have received it!

Pre-Design Ideas

Our cheap Envelopes printing is used for every possible purpose you can imagine, but we have delivered some of the most regularly used topics.

If you don’t like any of the designs shown or they just don’t fit your needs, please contact us and we will create a free or paid customized Envelopes layout setup just for you.

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Most envelopes are made from paper. Some large, sturdy envelopes are made from synthetic materials, such as polyethylene. Polyethylene is a plastic made from ethylene, which is derived from petroleum. Paper used for most envelopes is made from wood.

What weight is a right great envelope?

How Much Does a Standard Envelope Weigh? The #10 envelope, the most common kind of envelope, weighs about 6.75 grams when made with 20# paper. Tension has been manufacturing envelopes for extra than one hundred thirty years, and our partnerships run deep and strong with our paper suppliers.

Paper Used for Envelopes

When making envelopes, there are a variety of paper preferences that can also be used. Some of the papers frequently used in envelope manufacturing include Wove, Kraft, Recycled, Specialty, and Tear Resistant papers. Each type of paper affords a specific motive and may range in quality and texture. What form of paper is envelopes?

What form of paper is used for envelopes? There are six primary types of paper grades used in envelope production: Wove, Surfaced Enhanced White Wove, Kraft, Recycled, Specialty, and Tear-resistant. Wove – Wove has short fibers, prints well have a clean appearance, and is a low-cost option.

Similar Products

Four environmentally pleasant selections to typically padded envelopes. With greater of a focal point on sustainability, a surge of new, modern, and sustainable packaging options is being launched to the market with the sole motive of protecting the environment. Padded envelopes are one of the most famous types of packaging options handy today! Usually, made up of paper and plastic bubble wrap, padded envelopes are the perfect answer for posting anything that is fragile. The use of single-use plastics in padded envelopes is speedy turning redundant as it makes the procedure of recycling difficult.

Sustainable options do exist and are on hand to purchase today!


Enviroflute is a recyclable, biodegradable, water-resistant padded mailing bag. Made from FSC paper and affords the same degree of protection compared to usually padded envelopes via a patented internal design. Enviroflute is an exquisite sustainable alternative, the lightweight sleek graph can shop you postage, storage, and transport costs.

Mail Lite

It is a mailing product that makes up the most complete line of cushioned and non-cushioned mailers in the industry. Using FSC-certified non-PE-covered paper makes the technique of recycling easier. This also capability is now handy to separate the bubble from the outer paper except compromising the cushioning performance. The internal bubble is made with at least 60% recycled content.

Padded Mailers

These eco-friendly envelopes feature a unique tear strip and provide tremendous product protection. The handy tear strip and a re-scored flap make closure more efficient, additionally, the smooth inner lining approves for handy product insertion. These padded mailers are made up of 100% recycled paper and are extensively recycled but do weigh a little heavier than regular bubble-lined mailers.

Paper Mailing Bags

These environmentally friendly paper luggage are a recyclable alternative to polyethylene primarily based mailing bags. They have a self-sealing strip that helps make sure merchandise is securely locked internal the bag when in transit.

As no greater adhesive is required, the packages seem to be neat and the in-built tear strip makes them handy to open – all this contributes to developing a superb purchaser experience. The bags are handy in exclusive sizes to go well with exceptional products.

All the products mentioned in this blog are accessible to order today! Contact Macfarlane Packaging to talk about your requirements.

Paper Quality and Sustainability:

A necessary part of the graph is the paper we pick out for our envelope printing. Smooth or textured, our purchasers prefer an exceptional uncoated inventory that they can run through their laser or desktop printer for addressing. Smooth 70 lb. stocks, show off shade designs the first-rate and are the most cost-effective, whilst textured 24 lb writing stocks such as linen or laid offer a satisfactory tactile, high-end feel. To suit letterhead and envelopes more intently to our client’s business playing cards or brochures printed on smooth or dull/matte lined stocks, go for clean stock.

With our designed custom envelopes, our purchasers don’t have to sacrifice first-rate for environmental responsibility. We usually pick environmentally responsible papers.

What does GSM mean in paper and envelope terms?

In paper terms, GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre. The higher quantity of gsm, the thicker the paper. To put this in ‘real life’ terms:

• 80gsm – 90gsm = About the thickness of preferred printer paper. This tends to be the thickness of price range white envelopes
• 120gsm = The thickness of a pleasant envelope, such as a ‘Conqueror’ envelope. We have a giant range of colored envelopes in 120gsm thickness
• 160gsm – 180gsm = This is around the thickness of a flyer. In phrases of envelopes, 160-180gsm is a luxurious envelope. Being thicker and extra sturdy, it is also used for gusset envelopes
• 225gsm = Pretty tons as thick as paper can get earlier than it will become card! Our 225gsm Coloured Envelopes have a tendency to be used for distinct invites and high-end mailings
• 350gsm and up = This is regarded card, so very sturdy. Great for sending items you don’t choose to bend.

  1. What is a laid envelope?

Laid refers to the paper finish of the envelope. Laid is a textured finish with a ribbed effect which is on occasion located on greeting envelopes.

  1. What is a hammer envelope?

A hammer envelope potential envelope is made of hammer endpaper, which has a bumpy texture, regularly used for prestigious greeting envelopes.

  1. What is a woven paper envelope?

Wove paper is kind of your ‘standard’ easy paper type. Like writing paper,, it isn’t ribbed or watermarked.

  1. What is envelope peel & seal?

Peel and seal refer to the closure of the envelope. A peel-and-seal envelope is pre-glued, with a strip of paper you peel off to expose the glue, permitting you to seal the envelope with no licking (like the historic faculty envelopes!).

  1. What is a self-seal envelope?

A self-seal envelope closes and sticks barring the want for glue or water. You press the pre-glued flap down for a secure seal. These are regularly used for large mailings.

  1. What is the difference between a gummed envelope and a gummed mailing envelope?

A gummed envelope is a common style envelope with a water-soluble gum strip that you lick to seal the envelope.

Gummed mailing envelopes also have the same water-soluble gum strip, but the flap is particularly designed to go through a mailing machine, so the laptop can seal them. Mailing houses use such machines, so these envelopes are used for giant-scale direct mail. We stock a range of colored mailing envelopes.

  1. What is a gusset envelope?

A gusset envelope is an envelope that has increasing sides to enable extra capacity. Gusset envelopes are often used for mailing brochures and thick documents

  1. What is a pocket envelope?

A pocket envelope has an opening on the quick part of the envelope.

  1. What is a pocket envelope?

A wallet envelope has an opening on the longer aspect of the envelope.

  1. What is a banker envelope?

A banker envelope has a triangular flap to close. This is frequently found on Greeting Envelopes.

  1. Can you print on colored envelopes?

Yes, you can print on colored envelopes. It is advocated to print solely black, however, as colored printing is unpredictable when it mixes with the color of the envelope. Printing black on the pinnacle of colored envelopes is very wonderful – see our Printed Envelopes web page for greater examples.

  1. What is foil block printing?

Foil block printing, also known as warm foil printing or foil stamping, is when metal or pigmented foil is hot pressed onto paper to go away the diagram of the dye on the paper. This offers a very stylish and luxurious result. If you’re interested in foil printing on envelopes name us at 01273 486026 for more info.

  1. Is foil block printing the same as warm foil printing?

Yes, both terms refer to the equal technique of printing. This is also once in a while known as foil stamping. See the above question for extra info.

  1. Can you print on bubble bags?

Yes, we can print on bubble bags. This generally needs to be done at the manufacturing stage so the print is utilized to the flat sheet material, prior to making it into a bubble bag envelope. It can appear fairly awesome, however, is for large quantities only.

  1. Is it genuine that a female got cockroach eggs in her tongue from licking an envelope?

Although it’s a particularly super story to freak people out with whilst they’re licking envelopes, it’s now not true.

You can freely lick as many envelopes as you like and even if you get a paper reduction you can be blissful in the knowledge that a household of cockroaches will NOT grow on your tongue.

  1. What does ‘envelope face’ mean?

When any individual with bushy eyebrows makes an irritated face, it appears like an envelope.

  1. When will my envelopes get delivered, if i order now?

COVID19 update: If you order by 1 pm, we will dispatch your order for shipping the next working day!

Small packs and samples though are not available for subsequent day delivery.

  1. I buy a lot of envelopes – can i open a credit account?

There’s a without a doubt good reason why the answer is no! As a web-based business and to maintain our envelope expenditures as aggressive as possible, we want all repayments to be processed with the order.

  1. Do you offer a discount on quantity?

All of our online envelope expenditures are already vastly discounted. However, please name us on 01460 984489 if pallet rates (100,000 envelopes are above) are required.

  1. Do you supply custom-sized envelopes?

For quantities in excess of 100,000, we would be blissful to supply a quote.

  1. How secure is buying through our site?

Very safe! We use the best requirements of safety viable to maintain your card details safe. We use morph pay to manner our payments, which is a PCI-Level 1 authorized price gateway – the best level possible.

  1. If I buy envelopes from you regularly can you waive the delivery charge?

We do now not mark up our delivery charges, so as a price we need to omit this charge.

  1. Why do you charge so much for postage?

We agree with the entire transparency. If we didn’t cost so much for postage, we would need to cowl these charges elsewhere, so we would as a substitute be truthful about the charge – and envelopes are heavy, which skill charging a little greater for them. On the plus side, you recognize that if you order your envelopes by 2pm, you will get them the next working day!

  1. What if I want to return my order?

You can, but returns are challenged to a 20% dealing with and a two-way carriage charge. Products defaced, damaged, or relabeled can’t be returned. If you’re unsure about the product, why not order a free pattern first?

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  1. Why choose our company envelopes?

Express Envelopes are a premier online retailer of envelopes and copier paper with a large variety of over 1000 inventory items. Order before 2 pm you will have it the next business day (excludes small packs and samples), it is as easy as that.