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A letterhead maybe a piece of business stationery printed on a sheet of paper. most ordinarily printed at A4 size, the look of letter headed paper includes name, address, number, website and therefore the corporate logo mark. it’s often in the middle of a Compliment add creating a collection of business stationery for corporate use.

Leave them speechless with perfectly personalized letterhead

Make your business correspondence look professional and build your brand identity with custom letterhead printing. Communicating with business letterhead creates credibility together with your customers and showcases your professionalism. A Perfectly designed letterhead allows our customers to search out your contact information quickly. Start creating your own letterhead online by customizing one of every of our beautifully designed templates that expresses your corporate identity. Latest letterhead printing techniques employed by us Business and commercial documents typically feature a heading at the highest of the sheet of paper showing the name of the organization, logo, brand, address, and watermark at the middle of the page, all of which frame the letterhead or notepad. A company’s letterhead acts because the visual representation of your business and brand, and may easily communicate who you’re and your business specialty. Printing letterheads is a vital technique for any business looking to provide professional stationery, including invoices, quotations, purchase orders, and agreements. Effective design, quality stock, and proper printing techniques are necessary to form an attention-grabbing letterhead that not only reminds people of brand’s but also conveys important company information. A well-printed letterhead that encompasses a successful layout and quality paper speaks volumes to the recipient even before they read the content. A presentable image makes an organization more attractive to other businesses. It’s important to use the correct letterhead printing technique, one that may be used with photocopiers or printers and might be kept for long periods of your time without losing its quality, allowing your brand to stay visible for years.

Letterhead Printing Methods

There are several different letterhead printing methods counting on the sort of artwork our clients are looking to print. Infographic content is often printed using offset and digital printing methods. except for the simplest printing, we use high-quality images of a minimum of 300 DPI. For text and vector design, we elect screen printing, where each color is printed separately. This process is, however, time-consuming and dear. to supply eye-catching letterheads, we sometimes use other printing techniques, like embossing or leaf printing, among others.

Here are the foremost common letterhead printing methods:

Flat Printing, offset or Lithography

Flat printing could be a modern print technique for producing high-quality and professional-looking letterheads, business cards, and other business and commercial print products. Litho printing technology uses a printer to burn the designs onto metal plates of various colors. Next, the aluminum plates transfer the planning onto rubber rolls. Different ink colors are spread onto the rubber, after which the paper is run between the rolls, layering on the color until the ultimate image is produced. Basically, ink is transferred from a plate to a rubber “blanket”, and so to the printing surface. this method is termed printing process because the ink isn’t transferred directly onto the paper. it’s mostly recommended for bulk production, because it can quickly print 5,000 to 10,000 letterheads or more with precise color reproduction and a clean, professional look. This method is good for printing watermarks because it allows the ink to settle into the paper far more effectively than with digital printers. The finish is additionally quite smooth.

Advantages of offset include:

• Cost-effective for printing large quantities

• Can be used with differing kinds of paper for custom finishes

• Ability to use custom inks, including metallic and Pantone colors

Exceptional printing quality with superior colour fidelity and detail with lithography, we convert the files from RGB to CMYK for high-quality offset print job. this can be to match the quality number of plates for every colour used: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black — or CMYK. Digital Printing Digital printing is simply as popular as lithographic printing, though it’s more economical for producing small quantities of between 500 to 1000 copies. This method is additionally ideal when looking to print variable data, for instance, after we should change the name, address, or promo code for every piece. offset doesn’t offer such flexibility. However, the largest challenge for digital letterhead printing is that it’s limited by the kind of printers which will be used. Digital printing relies on heat to fuse the toner to the paper. Although this doesn’t pose any problems when printing brochures and flyers because they’re in their finished state, the very fact that letterheads are going to be fed back through a printer to supply invoices, memos, and other business documents means the paper will get reheated. Reheating a letterhead that has been digitally printed could lead to serious problems, like the letterhead getting smudged or stuck to the toner and damaging the printer mechanism. Fortunately, these problems will be avoided by choosing the correct printer. for example, we use matrix and ink jet printers that don’t depend on heat for the writing and avoid laser printers that are found in most office environments.

Some advantages of digital printing include:

• Fast turnaround

• Low founded costs for brief runs, including 1, 2, or 50 pieces

• Flexible production, where you’ll be able to print small amounts when needed

• Low cost black and white digital printing

• Variable data capability

Although digital printing could be a newer approach, it can only be used with some paper types. It also has less color fidelity because the printer uses standard inks that will not necessarily match all the colors within the design.

Raised Printing or Thermography as the name suggests, this printing technique produces raised print images, giving our client’s stationery a distinguished look. This method is usually used for printing certain styles of graphics where the raised image stands out on the letterhead, providing you with a textured graphic the same as an engraving. In thermography, designs are created using wet ink. A powder is then applied to the paper, after which the printer attaches the powder to the ink using resin. Next, the stationery is heated and allowed to cool down because the powder and resin set, producing a raised design.

Choosing a Printing Technique

There are other printing techniques which will be used, including engraving, embossing, foil stamping, letterpress, and screen printing. When choosing a technique to print our client’s business or commercial letterheads, we consider the pros and cons of every technique. Most small businesses only need small quantities of letterheads, so digital printing is also the foremost viable option. But sometimes client’s might have to contemplate other options counting on the quantity of pieces required, design colors, available time to print, size of the image, available equipment, after-print requirements, and your budget. For more information about letterhead printing and other commercial printing techniques, contact us.

Why are letterheads still relevant in modern era?

Even in a very digital world, letterheads are still relevant. whether or not you solely transmit your letterhead through digital channels it’s still technically called a letterhead. Within many of our client’s businesses printed material could be a legal requirement and for others sending a customized document like a top quality letter on headed paper could be a great opportunity to chop through the noise of the digital world. At our place we are business stationery and headed paper printing experts. take a look at our product page and choose between our range of printing options. If you would like any assistance in choosing the proper product for your needs, please do get to bear with us via our online chat function.

What size is an A4 Letterhead in mm?

An A4 Letterhead is 210mm wide x 297mm tall. When designing a letterhead for printing at an advert digital printing business, please also add 3mm bleed to the outer border. This area is going to be trimmed off within the print finishing process and also the finished size is as above. What is the difference between a letterhead and a continuation sheet?

A continuation sheet could be a common sort of letterhead with a reduced amount of knowledge. Usually the continuation sheet is placed behind the primary sheet in any document. the first letterhead has all the legally required information so the continuation sheet doesn’t require this. this permits for a greater printable area and is especially useful for businesses that make large printed documents.

What weight of paper should my letterhead be?

The most common weight of paper used for letterhead printing is 120gsm. infrequently some organizations request an important weight 160gsm or a lighter 90-100gsm. However, over 90% of the letterheads we print are on a 120gsm un coated paper stock. Templates, Product description.

What do we include in letterhead design?

The common design elements on letterheads include:

• Logo or Word Mark

• Address

• Contact Details (Telephone Number, Website, Email Address and Fax)

Depending on the sort of business you’re in, there may be a legal requirement for added information to be included on your letterhead design. For example, if you’re a Ltd. you’re legally required to incorporate the:

• Company Number

• Registered Company Address

• The Place of Registration

Design ideas

A branded letterhead design may be a must-have for each business and professional. Today, we bring you a group of business letterhead templates to search out the correct design for your business. Whether you write letters by hand, print them out, or send them digitally, custom letterheads allow you to take care of professionalism with a branded design. whether or not you conduct all of your business online, the letterhead remains a part of your brand. Letterheads are quite almost sending letters. you’ll be able to use them to feature branding to PDF documents, create simple invoices, cover letters, and far more. We handpicked some different letterhead design ideas for your inspiration. you’ll be able to download these templates and customize them to personalize the look.

How does one make a clever letterhead?

See amazing examples on our letterhead design post.

1. We keep it simple. this straightforward design takes a narrative approach.

2. We use hierarchy in our design.

3. We choose the correct details.

4. We design for the medium.

5. We represent the brand.

6. Exploit stock characteristics.

7. Consider alignment and positioning.

8.We use color sparingly.

Letterhead Specifications

The following paragraphs describe how documents are produced. Fonts Styles and Size employed in Documents We use Helvetica because the font in produced documents. Helvetian is employed because it’s a basis/standard font in PDF and thus the font type doesn’t have to be included within the document, reducing the scale of the document. However, Helvetica isn’t a font usually available in Windows. The closest font to Helvetian is Arial or Verdana. This help document uses the Arial font. Often Arial or Verdana is converted to Helvetian when a PDF document is produced, however that depends on the tactic accustomed create the PDF file.

The PDF basis fonts are:

§ Times-Roman

§ Helvetica

§ Courier

§ Symbol

§ Zapf Dingbats

The advantage of only using these fonts are that no extra space is required to store the font description with the PDF document, reducing the scale of the document.

• Font Sizes utilized in Documents

• Standard Text is in 9 point.

• Small header text is in 7 point (for example the header “Delivery Instructions”).

• Emphasized text is in 10 point (for example Customer Name and Address). • Large text is in 12 point (for example the document type text (INVOICE)).

Letterhead Layouts SMARTEDGE provides for four different letterhead layouts. the various layouts determine the document layout which affect how the letterhead must be. Selecting the incorrect layout for a letterhead may lead to the document being written on top of text within the letterhead.


At Overnight Prints, our commitment to quality is reflected in how and what we print. We use only the thickest and most durable card stock with the brightest inks to produce you with a superior custom printed product.

Below maybe a sampling of how we offer you with a superior custom printed product: Business Cards & Postcards

We use a thick 15-point material coated on each side with a satin matte finish. It maybe even thicker with the glossy UV coating applied. Durable and long-lasting, our business cards feel great in your hand and leave a solid first impression.

Brochures Premium 100# Gloss Book stock from environmentally sustainable forests. With full color double-sided printing, aqueous gloss finish and multiple folding options, our brochures will make a sway.

 Greeting Cards Our 12-point card stock is among the best available. The paper is clay coated, designed to reinforce the design and feel of your card both inside and out.

Letterhead and Envelopes Printing quality letterhead begins with quality paper. Our custom letterhead stationery is created with Premium 70# opaque paper.

Our four color offset letterhead printing is economical and straightforward on your bottom-line. Stationery (Announcements, Invitations & Notecards)

Our Premium 110# uncoated matte card stock is noted for its consistent performance and velvet-like surface. The crisp brightness allows for a homogeneous printing surface for all colors. No project is complete without the finishing touches that personalize your material and help to create it stand out. Coating Options Business cards, postcards, rack cards, and bookmarks are available with satin matte finish, our UV gloss, or our spot UV gloss. UV Gloss offers a slick look that enriches the complete color printing by providing depth, while at the identical time protecting the ink from fading and moisture. Our fingerprint-resistant satin matte finish is best for writing on, and appears soft and chic. Unlike our full UV gloss that covers the whole print surface, spot UV could be a gloss coat that maybe added selectively to feature a special touch to your design. Precise Cutting Our cutting department prides itself with full-bleed trimming and therefore the tightest cutting tolerance available. At only 1/16 of an in. you gain valuable print area, allowing text placement closer to the sting without fear if it’s visiting be trimmed off. The ¼” radius of rounded corners is smooth, and can help your card stand out from the remainder.

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Short-term Prints is pleased to be the main earth faithful web-based print organization. All of the paper we use comes from trees gathered under the Feasible Backwoods Drive. it’s handled without naturally unsafe blanch and chlorine specialists. Our reused paper is produced using 100 percent post-purchaser reused fiber that is PCF (Handled Chlorine Free) and Green Ocean Ensured.