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Full list of all of our OFFSET gang-run printed low-cost products for Cheap Printing.

If you are looking to get high-quality cheap printing products, this is the right place. We run a huge variety of products including business cards, flyers, as well as postcards among many others.

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All the above products offer Economy printing turnaround and top-printing quality.

Why choose OFFSET printing over Digital?

The biggest benefit for printing offset is the volume and premium print quality, we will explain why… If you wish to print a document on a copier machine, the setup price is $0 but thereafter, the price per printout will be the same no matter how many pages you print. Just for sample purposes, let’s say a full-color sheet of paper will cost you $1 when printed in a really fast color copy printing machine.

If you print the same sheet of paper on an offset press. It might cost you as low as 0.03, which is a huge difference, therefore, this is the reason why Offset is not profitable for this sort of job is the machinery setup cost. To set up a project like this, 1 o 2 hours man, consequently adding all materials needed will scale up to over $500 easily for a total price of $500.09 for the 3 pages printed on an offset press.

So calculated like that you notice that for short-run printing, digital is always better. In long run, Offset will win the battle.

At we use a technique called GANG-PRINTS that consists in getting together as many jobs for printing as possible, running 1 single setup for all of them, and then printing for the lowest costs possible in the world. That way we can compete we any cheap printing company worldwide. Gang-prints allows us to save a lot in setup, by diving the costs among at least 10 to 20 customers per run. Our customers receive these savings. This is why our printing products are so affordable!

low cost offset printing vs digital
We promised a full article about this print costs comparison. Will be published soon!

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