Rush Printing (Digital)

Rush Printing Products

For the fastest printing available, we offer DIGITAL Rush Printing products.

If you are looking for Rush Printing products, produced in digital print machinery for very low costs, this is the right place. We carry a wide variety of fast-produced products that will fit any of your current needs. If you have a deadline, please contact us before placing the order.

  • Digital Business Cards
  • Digital Color Copies
  • Digital Brochures
  • Digital Flyers
  • Digital Postcards
  • Digital EDDM Eligible Postcards
  • Digital Bookmarks
  • Digital Letterheads
  • Digital Envelopes

All these products are provided with FAST printing turnaround and Digital grade printing quality (inferior to Cheap OFFSET printing, but still great resolution and quality output)


When we refer to Digital Printing, we are talking about industrial copier machines that print with outstanding quality and great speed. Most of these printing machines use laser toner as ink which increases the durability and beautifulness of the printout. These sort of digital printing machines has some benefits for printshops, we will mention a few below.

Variety: With digital printing, the biggest advantage is, that you are able to print multi-pages documents, each with different content on them. An unlimited amount of different pages may be accepted by any sort of digital printer. Compared to OFFSET printing, this is a huge advantage, as offset offers only replication of 1 set of perforated plates at a time. So no multiple pages are allowed for offset, only 1 single version per printout.

Printing Speed:

We mean fast when we do Rush Printing at 130 pages per minute. They are so easy to operate that it makes it possible to run multiple machines at the same time. When the volume of orders is low, we are able to split 1 big order among the available printers. For 4x or even 10x the speed of about 1,300 pages per minute.

Water Resistance: The toner (type of ink used for laser printers) is burned over the sheet of paper. This results in a very thick, resistant layer of melted-colored dust that is automatically waterproof as well. Not only waterproof but also scratch resistant. At the same time, you will find it very interesting how the shine of the burned toner highlights all the details of your art, making it look even more beautiful!

Quality: We all agree that the best printing quality found in any market is the OFFSET state-of-the-art printout quality. Then we find the regular ink printers special for photographs and high-resolution images. These are among the top 3 best quality printers in the entire print industry.

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