Graphic Design (Free | Paid)

free & paid graphic design setup services

We can build any art, any design, anything you can imagine for your printing project, just contact us and we will prepare a quote for you.

Free and Paid Graphic Design

For quick projects, we currently offer Free Design Setup. With this service, you can get a manually built design art, made tailored to your needs, in a quick and simple manner so you can get your printing done as affordable as possible.

If you require, higher quality and unique design created especially for your project, we also offer paid graphic design services. We will disclose the benefits and advantages of each of the 2 services, paid and Free.

Advantages of our Free Design services:

  • It’s FREE 🙂
  • Design is built fast.
  • 1 to 2 design samples for approval.
  • We can re-scale the design for many other products.

Disadvantages of Free Design Service:

  • The time to start working on your design could be up to 5 business days maximum.
  • The design might look similar to our template gallery designs.
  • Only includes 1 set of revisions for Free.
  • Original editable files stay with us.

Pros for Paid Services:

  • Unique 2-3 different designs built exclusively for your project.
  • 4 Sets of changes were included.
  • You get to keep the original editable files.
  • Priority is a must for paid design orders. So it results in a faster turnaround.
Cons for Paid Services:
  • Price starts at $35 for business cards and could go up anywhere to $150 for a brochure or $500 for a catalog.
  • No other Cons to this product.

If you wish to opt for the FREE Design Setup, click here instead.