free design setup for any printing product online

Free design setup = $0

Wondering if this FREE Design Setup deal is actually real?

Yes, at we are now offering completely FREE graphic design setup for any of our products, including business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, among others.

With over 20 years experience in the design+printing market, we have now realized, that even the smarter designer, always miss a spot for the design setup and we end up fixing the art before producing it. So what if, we could skip the middle-man (Graphic designer) and build the design directly for our customers, based on our design and printing guidelines? We hope customers love this new service and support us.

What printing products qualifies for this offer?

Basically, any product that doesn’t require extensive designing time. For example, a business card design is less time consuming than a postcard or brochure. Anyway, we cover both as well. For multi pages and catalogs, it could become too extensive so we decided to exclude those, unless, the order total amount is worth the effort.

In short, all products are eligible for a free art setup with us.

Are there any requirements to qualify for the Free Art File Setup service?

For each product we have a minimum spending amount for us to compensate the Free Design labor time. We have created a list of the minimum amount required for each product to qualify for a Free design deal.

This is the minimum printing price order needed to qualify for the Design deal, depending on the product:

  • Business Cards: $55+
  • Labels and Stickers: $55+
  • Postcards: $75+
  • Flyers: $99+
  • Color Copies: $99+
  • Brochures: $350+
  • Catalogs: $2,000+

If you are interested in getting a free art setup for any of this or other particular product, consequently, remember to get in touch with us first to make sure we will be able to help you.

Information needed from the customer for us to setup a Free Design

We will need all the text (without grammar errors) and images provided in JPG, 300dpi recommended, therefore, a minimum DPI of 72 is accepted for certain images. Remember to have ready images for the background if needed, logo, and any other sort of graphics.

How to proceed to place an Free Design qualifying order ?

1st: Check our printing products and pricing for print and for shipping.

2nd: When you already know what product, size, quantity, you need, then contact us to make sure you will qualify for the Free Design Setup offer. We will ask all needed questions and request you to place the order, pay in full, and then upload required files and text for the design.

The ordering process to request a free art file setup with is a simple as that.

Credits for the Design Setup

We reserve the right to add a small line of text + logo stating as shown in the following image:

free design setup credits for cheaprushprinting
free design setup credits for CheapRushPrinting

Other options to get a FREE design good enough for printing?

We are building an online design tool that will allow our customers to design all type of printing products online. This desginer tool at CheapRUSHPrinting is still under development.

There is another good option called which allows customers to build any sort of design with an online designer tool