Banner Stands (X-Frame)

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Key points for our X-Frame Banner Stands products

These banner stands can be ordered with and without the vinyl banner, for your convenience and flexibility. If ordered together, we will make sure the size of the vinyl banner will be compatible with the banner stand ordered.
  • We offer them in 3 different sizes.
  • Free travel bag included with your order.
  • This is the most economical banner stand available, and the vinyl banners should print single-sided too, for extra savings.
  • The material recommended for an x-frame banner stand, 10mil white matte block-out, and 13oz vinyl banner, only!
  • Our X-Frame banner stand is completely made of Fiberglass together with aluminum to make it strong and light as well.

Banner stands are transportable display stands that feature a vivid custom-printed banner. Easily transported in carry bags, these banners help to beautify the visibility of your organization, making them perfect for change suggestions or other promotional uses.

Types of banner stand

there is a variety of special banner stands available: our most popular being roller banners because they are less expensive and so easy to use; sincerely pop up the photograph out of the base unit for an eye-catching display!

Cassette banners are the ideal desire for all of us who want to replace our graphics at ordinary intervals as you do not need to replace the snapshots cartridge for a new design.

Our anxiety banner stands are comparable to the cassette stands as they are ideal for exhibitors who want to oftentimes update their graphics, then again they are characterized by a taught exterior photo that can be without difficulty changed. Double-sided banner stands are perfect for exhibitors who choose to be seen from two directions. Printed-fabric banner shows have the benefit of being very lightweight and are pleasing for large displays. If you want an extra durable and weather-resistant kind of banner, then seems to be no further than our outside banner stands. These sorts of displays additionally have sand or water-fillable bases in order to be sturdy something the weather.

We additionally have a variety of pop-up stands, which are frequently stressed with banner stands, but furnish a larger backdrop for use at exhibitions, conferences, and different promotional events. If you had an exceptional stand in mind, please take a seem at our full range of exhibition stands to get a thought of our whole range.

We even provide an employment provider with the place we can design and construct a custom-built exhibition stand at the match of your preference – please see our exhibition stand format area for full details. If you are still unsure of which product is fine for you, please contact us for more information to get your quote today!


what is the preferred dimension for the banner stand?

The most famous banner stand measurement is 800mm x 2080mm, which is likely the dimension you’ve seen at networking activities and small trade shows. You cannot simply go incorrect with this size and it’s an exact alternative when shopping for your first banner stand!

Specifications and usage of our company’s stand banners

Graphic size: 24″x63″, 32″x72″ printing: digital prints with proper and fade-resistant UV cured inks
banner material: 13 oz. Vinyl and 0.02″ thick carry bag: nylon bag with shoulder strap
base footprint: 25.5″x28.25″ (for 24″x63″) setup time: 1-3min
frame weight: 2.5 lbs Construction: aluminum tripod base, 2 fiberglass top poles with hooks, free-standing, self-supportive
features: easy setup, collapsible frame, portable, UV-cured lifespan (indoors/
outdoors): 10+ years/ 3+ years

Customers reviews and comments for our banner stands

  1. I simply love this product – I wish we would have ordered this sooner.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to overview and post a photo of your items! They seem amazing!
  3. We look ahead to doing enterprise with you again.
  4. Amazing product! Came out higher (and greater) than expected! Looks great! Great quality! Solid material! Couldn’t be more thrilled with the result! And the support was amazing! It took 4-5 mockups earlier than we subsequently sent the format to production, however they had been exceptionally patient with me and my worries and tweaks. The website is simple and convenient to navigate. Will be returned for more!
  5. We ordered a bunch for wedding favors, they’re truly perfect! If anything I desire I had extra of a choice to get one-of-a-kind sizes in one order. But I understand you can separate order that. The shades are spot on and the fashion designer was once surely handy to talk to and listened to exactly what I wanted! Love them!
  6. I ordered some of these sweatshirts for personnel at the dealership I work and they have been great! I even just positioned a 2d order for greater and some shirts as well. I relatively recommend it!

Pull up banner alternative

• pull up banner. The pull-up banner is the most popular banner stand option. …
• x banner. The x banner is a less costly choice for a banner stand. …
• fabric banner stands. The material banner stand is a superb alternative to the popular pull-up banner. …
• triga banner stands. …
• wave light tower. …
• bubble display stands.

Roller banners

Roller banners are the most famous kind of banner stand as they are retractable, compact, and very handy to use. Simply pull the banner up out of the base unit to disclose your custom-printed graphics. Roller banners, additionally acknowledged as pop-up banners or pull-up banners are an extraordinarily popular display solution. The cause humans love them is they are very handy to bring together and wreck down, as nicely as being effortless and light-weight to transport using a lift case.

They can be used in a range of ways, both for advertising activities such as alternate suggestions or for extra permanent use in places of work and reception areas. We provide a range of sizes, from widths of just 400mm to a large 2.4m.

Professional graphic design service for your roller banner

we aim to make the diagram method as easy as possible: pick out between imparting your very own artwork the use of one of our templates or our picture layout service. If you choose our format service, our in-house group of skilled designers will work closely with you to create excellent artwork to match your manufacturer’s suggestions and requirements. Please note that these stands aren’t designed for door use. Please see our choice of outdoor curler banners if you require an outdoor stand.

Fabric banner stands

Fabric banner stands are a popular choice for different pop-up banners as they provide lightweight, seamless pictures accessible in a lot larger sizes.

Fabric banner stands are appealing show stands perfect for exhibitors who choose a lightweight stand that can be assembled and packed away easily.

As we use solely a single reduction of fabric, the photo show is seamless, giving you a more artistic design. There is a range of hook and loop fastener-friendly alternatives on hand as nicely if you want to connect notices to the display. Unlike most different banner stands, fabric banner stands enable portraits to be folded, making them take up less space in a car or other capability of transport. The cloth graphics can additionally be ironed and washed if they turn out to be creased or dirty for the duration of use. Professional graphic design service for your display another gain of cloth banner stands is that they are made up of a single photograph as an alternative to joined panels, giving them a seamless show that will make your branding appear expert and appealing.

These stands can also be single or double-sided which gives greater versatility in larger show areas such as exhibitions, trade indicates, and advertising suites. There is additionally a range of hook-and-loop fastener-friendly picks which enable you to connect notices and other hook-fastener-backed gadgets to the stand.

Tension banner stands

Tension banner stands have characteristic vivid custom-printed images which are easily interchangeable besides the want for a new stand.

Similarly to cassette banners, they are designed to have the image modified effortlessly, making them perfect for users who need to replace their message regularly.

These stands vary from curler banners as the photograph can be removed without difficulty from the base unit and changed barring shopping for a new stand.

Some tension banner stands can be joined collectively to create larger, flexible displays. The most famous kind of anxiety banner display is the Twist banner system, which allows for extremely large configurations at specific events.

Cassette banners

with easily-changeable photograph cartridges, cassette banner stands are the ideal banner for everyone looking to alternate their photo often except having to buy a new unit.

Cassette banners are ideal display stands for exhibitors that attend more than one trade suggests and activities at some stage in the 12 months and need to trade their pics for exceptional purposes. These stands will suit you if you want to change your marketing message at normal intervals and do not prefer to purchase various stands. They are very simple to use: we provide you with a compact cartridge that homes your customized pull-up graphic, after that, you can without problems change the pics cartridge as regularly as you like. Most banner stands can’t be changed by using the end-user, meaning you have to purchase the base unit if your advertising message or branding adjusts regularly. However, with cassette banners you can alternate the graphic easily, retaining the charges down and decreasing the problem of ordering more than one distinctive stand.

The portraits are saved inner secure ‘cartridges’ which suggest can be swapped easily. Want a specific advertising message in the morning to the afternoon? With a cassette banner potential, you can display up-to-date marketing messages throughout the day.

Outdoor banner stands

Specifically designed for outside use with weatherproof graphics, these banner displays can help your business enterprise promote itself more efficaciously outside your establishment or at promotional events. Outdoor banner stands can assist to make bigger your brand’s visibility at an outdoor event or show. Displaying outside can be a hassle, so our easily assembled outdoor banner stands are easy to put up quickly even in tough conditions.

These banners are particularly designed for outdoor use as the bases are water or sand-fillable, meaning they will stand upright whatever the weather.

Ideally proper for spring or summer occasions such as festivals. Shows and outside trade shows, these display stands are an extremely good way to advertise outdoors. All of our stands come with weather-resistant PVC or material photos so they are durable for long spells outdoors even in harsher out-of-doors conditions such as wind and rain!
Twist banner system

The twist banner device is a versatile exhibition device that allows for a wide variety of individual banner stands to be linked collectively to form straight, curved, multi-tiered, or even round backdrops.

The twist banner gadget is an incredibly modular, flexible exhibition gadget that approves large-scale, customized display stands that can be modified for distinctive events, exhibitions, and trade shows.

The beauty of twist banner stands is that with so many special configurations you can change your advertising message for different activities and alter the stand to fit exclusive exhibiting spaces. The twist bendy exhibition stand additionally has a huge quantity of accessories with an exceptional media model which can accommodate LCD screens.

Twist exhibition stands are perfect for normal exhibitors who need a quantity of different-sized show stands to in shape inner a number of space-only or shell-scheme spaces. The stands can be linked together easily with the use of the Flexi-link kit, at the same time as they will endure for many years if cared for correctly.

Professional graphic design service for your twist display

buy online with confidence, from our company. Our in-house photograph graph group can help with the graph if required.

Double-sided banner stands

Double-sided banner stands can assist you to be seen from two directions, making them well-suited to shopping centers and open-space exchange show exhibits.

Double-sided banner stands are best for showing your branding in two different directions.

These stands can be altered to be single or double-sided giving you flexibility for unique exhibitions, change shows, and other events.

Unlike many different large-format printers, display wizard design and print all our pics in-house which means we have complete management over the whole manufacturing process.

Looking for a single-sided banner stand? Check out our range of roll-up banner stands to see our full range of these stands. Alternatively, if you would like a double-sided modular display, take a look at the twist banner system.

For a simple yet wonderful show solution, take a look at our exhibition tablecloths, which are the best suit for trestle tables.

If you would like any greater info on double-sided banner stands, please contact us directly!

Classic pop-up displays

These splendid pop-up displays can help you make a big influence at an exchange exhibit or other promotional event. These stands function as a transportable ‘pop up’ body onto which the printed pictures are secured.

Classic pop-up displays, also known as pop-up show back walls or pop-up backdrops are the best piece of exhibition tools to promote your business. They exhibit photographs on a large scale and supply a picturesque backdrop in which to interact with human beings with your brand.

Classic pop-up show stands are high-quality for anybody looking to boost their advertising reach. Display wizard provides solely the highest-quality merchandise to help you gain this, printed with the use of top-end HD printers and long-lasting print materials.

They come in distinct shapes, such as curved, straight, or l-shaped, to swimsuit your particular needs when exhibiting.

Pop-up display backdrops can be complemented with pop-up counters to provide your exchange exhibit stand or exhibition stand a greater professional feel. If you are searching for a lighter pop-up that can be assembled even quicker, take a look at our range of cloth pop-up stands.