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Key points about our cheap vinyl banner printing product:

Vinyl banner printing is a special product to display promotions on grand openings, graduations, political campaigns, welcome signs, and more!
  • Resistant to water and sun, our vinyl banners can be used inside as well as outside.
  • When taken care of correctly, vinyl banners can last as far as many years.
  • Glossy and Matte vinyl banner finish available depending on your needs.
  • Eco-solvent ink is waterproof and eco-friendly.
  • No matter the size, we will print and ship your vinyl banner, remember they will be folded and boxed.
  • Fire-retardant material is used for our banners.
  • Grommets and hems are available upon request.
  • Order from as little as 1 up to 100 units.
  • The resolution for vinyl banners is recommended to be set to 150dpi


Vinyl banners are a structure of out of doors advertising. Most banners are now digitally printed on large-format inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full-color outdoor billboard on a single piece of material.

Materials used

The most usually used cloth is heavy-weight vinyl technically recognized as PVC. The weights of the exclusive banner substrates range from as light as 9 ounces to as heavy as 22 oz. Per square yard (900gsm), and perhaps double- or single-sided. Grommets (eyelets) can additionally be added in order to facilitate the placing of the banner. A high-frequency weld, stitching, or banner hem tape is additionally used to fasten the hems neatly and grant the insertion of grommets/eyelets. Large banners (which can be so giant that they cowl the side of a building) are normally printed on a distinctive mesh PVC fabric so that some wind can pass by thru them.


There are various kinds of vinyl banners. Its useful existence tiers from 3–5 years.
Digitally printed banners: printed with aqueous (water-based), eco-solvent, solvent-based inks, or UV-curable inkjet inks. The latter three types tend to incorporate long-lasting pigments, which supply the most reliable climate and UV-fading resistance. Large-structure inkjet printers are generally used, typically manufactured by means of businesses such as HP, EFI Vutek, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, or one of many Chinese or Korean manufacturers.

Very giant banners may also be produced using “grand structure inkjet printers” of >2.5m width, or computer-controlled airbrush gadgets which print the ink directly onto the banner material. Some of the fastest extensive and grand layout inkjet printers are successful in printing up to 3,000 square ft (280 m2) per hour.

Vinyl lettered banners: produced by making use of individual factors reduced from self-adhesive vinyl by using a computer-driven vinyl cutter. This method is now individual with the advent of large-format printing.

Screen-printed: produced the use of screen-printing, in which specific colorings are laid down one at a time the use of monitors comprising an imaged stencil, thru which the screen printing ink passes. Screen printing may be finished on hand benches, single/dual color machines, or high-performance multi-color display presses which can print at about 1,000 m2 per hour plus. Screen-printing is commonly reserved for giant quantities of the same banner due to cost effectiveness however is carefully matched and even surpassed with the aid of digitally printed banners.

Painted: hand-painted snapshots and lettering. These kinds of banners are distinguished by the introduction of contemporary printing.

Vinyl Banner Templates

These elective banner templates can be downloaded or printed to provide you a simple template to create your design, the use of some of our common vinyl banner sizes. Simply pick out the measurement of the banner you need, select the kind of file you’d like to work with, and follow the recommendations for a protected area, margins, bleed lines, and resolution. Once your paintings is complete, upload your file and order your banners from our website.

How to Create the Best Eye-Catching Vinyl Banner?

Custom banners can do wonders in the way of promotion. That said, you can’t just use any historic banners. Rather your signage ought to have an attention-grabbing design, a clear message, and be made from superb vinyl material. Of course, this would possibly now not appear too difficult now. But when you want to create a high-quality appealing vinyl banner around, you may additionally need the following helpful pointers.

Grab people’s interest with your one-of-a-kind print vinyl banner

In order to design a first-class banner, first, you need to have a clear perception of what you prefer to say to your target audience. Remember, you solely have a couple of seconds before human beings will probably be distracted by means of something else. This is why it is so important to comprehend your cause and be capable to talk about it with the aid of a short, easy message.

Know your purpose

It can also sound silly, but there wishes to be an underlying reason for creating your customized vinyl banner. Yes, you desire to market your business, but there is probably greater you are hoping to accomplish. For many people, an excellent banner is a way to enlarge brand awareness, highlight a new product, support a social cause, create an experience of community, or promote an upcoming tournament (sale, promotion, etc.). Obviously, these are simply a few examples. Nevertheless, identifying what desires you want to obtain with the aid of your banner is the first step. Knowing your intention or reason for your banner will immediately influence its design, so you truly do no longer desire to neglect this phase of the process.

Make Your Vinyl Banner Stand Out

Once you have a higher notion of your banner’s purpose, then you can begin questioning outside of the box. While you are brainstorming your banner design, you ought to additionally be wondering about how you will make your vinyl banner stand out amongst the crowd. One way, in particular, to make your customized banner pop is to choose a bright, beautiful background/backdrop. Thus, considering the actual area/space the place you plan to dangle your custom banners is advised—select colors, text, and pics that create a difference between your vinyl banners and their surroundings.

If you use imagery, be certain it’s a clear image

A photo is well worth a thousand words, which comes in handy when you cannot write a novel on your custom vinyl banners. With that said, it is still quintessential to use an image that has a clear message and is excessive in quality/resolution. Here, the purpose is to use a photo that does now not get lost in translation or lose its readability after printing. Therefore, refrain from the usage of low-quality photos, photos that are challenging to make out at a distance, or pics that will likely appear distinct once printed to scale. Likewise, if you are growing your very own graphics, keep in mind to retail them as a Vector file and make positive your pics are now not compressed when you save them (save photographs with an output resolution of hundred to 200 DPI/at full picture size). Note that if you are the usage of snapshots or images that are earmarked with all rights reserved, you have to acquire the owner’s permission to use their copyrighted work.

Choose an easy-to-read font that aligns with your brand/events marketing
When designing the text and taglines for your vinyl banners/custom signs, it is often easy to get carried away. So, consider keeping your message/font clear, clean, and concise. Your signage will fare a good deal better if your font is not remarkably fancy, and your message is not for shock value. Usually, all a profitable advertising banner needs is your logo, a few phrases that line up with your company or event, and an easy but memorable image/design.

Keep the banner textual content concise

When growing the banner of your dreams, you might assume higher is higher or that if you add even more textual content to your banners, your message will be clearer.

But, once again, it is fantastically encouraged that you keep your custom banner text concise. Moreover, if you discover yourself jogging out of room for your witty textual content or tagline, do now not robotically measure up or request a smaller print, so you have room to say more. Instead, strive your quality to stick to the printing three-by-five rule–a max of 15 words, which can both be three words in 5 traces or 5 words in three lines.

Research what colorations are greater captivating for a vinyl banner
As temporarily touched upon, color is your friend when it comes to designing/printing alluring vinyl banners. However, you choose daring hues that make your banners pop and draw humans in. So, strive to take some time before the real banner printing component of the program, and research what colorations are proper for your banners.

Larger Banners Need a Clear Focal Point

Speaking of larger banners, it is vital to remember that a large vinyl banner (regardless of whether or not they are for indoor or outdoor use) constantly wants a focal point. The identical is actual even for show signage on significant banner stands, gigantic 13 oz vinyl signs and symptoms at trade shows, or event banners that vary from 2.5′ x 8′ to 6′ x 8’+. A clear focal factor tends to help humans see the complete sign due to the fact their interest has peaked.

Review Your Vinyl Banners Before Printing

Finally, before banner printing day arrives, make positive you have long gone over each and every element one last time. Of course, no one needs to begin from scratch, particularly when the finish line is in sight. But waiting numerous enterprise days for your vinyl banners to be fixed is now not the aim either. Thus, it is in your first-rate hobby to go over the closing proof before you print your banners.

Take Away

Ultimately, making use of the recommendations noted above will help you create vinyl banners that do more than just grab people’s attention. So now that you are extra familiar with a few tricks of the trade, what are you ready for? Start designing your captivating banners today.

Specification and Usage of Custom Vinyl Banners

Material:PVC (polyvinyl chloride)Min Size:12”x12”
Thickness:13 milMax size:120”x1,680”
Weight:13 oz/yd2Service Temperature:-4°F to +158°F
Color:WhiteStorage:72°F at 50% humidity
Finish:Flush-cut, hemmed, grommeted, pole pocketInstallation:Nylon ropes, zip ties, hanging clips
Printing:Single-sidedLifespan:3-5 yrs


Excellent Customer Service

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From plan to pricing, nothing was too a good deal hassle and when my banners turned up today, I was definitely gob-smacked at (a) the readability of the printing of my pretty complex graph work and (b) the material it used to be printed on. The charge of my order was absolutely reasonable too and was accommodated through (what was) a modest price range on my section for a privately funded event.
The order completely handed my expectations and would have no trouble with recommending the employer 100%.
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Vinyl banner printing is better than expected…

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Steve helped me with the art work hues after sending me the proof which was a bit too blue for what we wanted, however I created it so up to me to make certain it’s right. Found and provided the shade code and Steve rectified it for me. At the stop of the day, it used to be the rate we have been looking for and the high-quality suited what we expected and the patron carrier was prompt.

What material is similar to vinyl?

Metal siding is the closest in value to vinyl. Steel and aluminum are often made of recycled substances and both can be recycled infinitely barring degrading.


Vinyl banners have many uses and applications. They are most often used to promote a company’s logo, a distinctive promotion, an event, a team, or a school. Since vinyl is a very flexible as well as portable cloth you can see vinyl banners simply about anywhere.

Vinyl banners are usually considered billboards, table banners, alternate show banners, building banners, road banners, festival banners, as well as stadium flags.

A fine vinyl banner will also use a backyard hem to make certain that Grommets are secured properly. Grommets are the nickel holes that allow the banner to be hung on fence posts, walls, or on the aspect of buildings. In windy conditions, if Grommets are not fastened into the hem of a vinyl banner, these grommet holes will effortlessly tear out of the banner. Banner hem tapes are also used as decorative trim and to stop delamination and lifting of vinyl hems.

How Long Does our printed Vinyl Banners Last?

Our custom banner can serve as a high-quality advertising tool for any business. Banners are effortless to set up and offer a versatile marketing option that gives outstanding ROI.
Banners, in general, are made with substances that are intended to final for years. But no longer all banners are created in an identical way. There are several styles and materials to pick out from, every with its own unique advantages and characteristics. The lifespan of your banner can rely on a variety of elements such as material, installation, location, maintenance, and care.

If you prefer to know what a banner’s durability will be, one of the foremost things to reflect on consideration on is the cloth the banner is made of. Vinyl banners, for instance, are made of what is also recognized as PVC, one of the most frequently substances used. Each banner cloth has its personal special use case and expected lifespan. Here’s a rundown on specific banner substances and their respective lifespans:

Calendared PVC

Calendared vinyl commonly lasts from three to 6 years relying on factors like installation, location, maintenance, and care. Calendared vinyl is a customer-favorite, PVC fabric used by using organizations all over the world.

Metalized Polyester Banners

Fluorescent and metalized polyester can closing for about 2 years. This kind of banner is typically used as a temporary decoration and delivers vivid, vibrant colors. Hence, if you are searching for a banner that requires non-permanent use a metalized polyester banner is the way to go.

Cast PVC

Cast PVC is a gorgeous material that lasts anywhere between 5 to 12 years. This is one of the most durable kinds of vinyl materials used for signs and banners.

Factors That Influence Banner Longevity

There are a lot of factors that minimize the existence of a banner. However, there are a few elements that you can control. Prior to buying your banner, think about the following to get the most out of your banner funding and amplify its lifespan.


The place of your banner is key in determining how long it will last. Indoor banners commonly close a good deal longer than outside banners. UV radiation from the sun as well as wind, rain, and other environmental factors speed up the deterioration of outdoor banners.

You can make your outdoor banners ultimate longer if you take them down and keep them whilst not in use. You can also pick out a material that is particularly made for outdoor use to increase its lifespan.

Light & Heat: Sun Exposure

A excessive sun-exposed location will degrade banners greater shortly than a area with shade. So, you can either region your banner in a cool area or pick out a banner fabric that is solar-resistant.

When ordering, lookup the number of UV inhibitors that may also be in the vinyl. The extra UV inhibitors there are, the longer your banner will be in a position to manage direct sunlight and, consequently, the longer it will last.
Wind & Weather

Wind can break out of door banners very quickly if they are not designed for a high-wind environment. If your banner will be used in a windy place, you’ll want to go with mesh cloth or have wind slits in your banner.

Mesh Banners

A mesh banner approves gusts of wind to pass by right via them. Like PVC or canvas, mesh banners can be printed with lettering and graphics. Unlike different banner options, however, the holes in the mesh provide a slightly more extraordinary appearance than if the cloth has been solid.

Wind Slits For Outdoor Banners

Even everyday banners can have wind slits to let wind skip thru them. If your outdoor banners are no longer made with mesh material, wind slits are absolutely fundamental to prevent wind damage.

Scrim Banners

Scrim is a printable PVC fabric that has a reinforcing mesh internal the PVC coating. The reinforcing mesh makes a scrim banner sturdier and helps it closing longer in windy environments.


The size of a banner and the sketch factors used to create it have an effect on the lifespan of the banner as well. Large and extra-large dimension banners can frequently be broken via excessive winds. However, you can stop this damage by the usage of wind slits or mesh banners.

Frequently requested questions

1. What’s the distinction between banner types – vinyl, fabric, mesh, and retractable banners?

The biggest distinction between these banners is the material used.
Fabric Banners: Made of a hundred percent recyclable, scratch-resistant polyester with included grommets. Great for indoor and outside use.
Vinyl Banners: Our most popular banner. Your choice of indoor (13 oz.) Or out of doors (14 oz.) Vinyl printing, each of which are fade- and water-resistant.
Mesh Banners: Made of a woven polyester mesh, these banners are first-rate for outside and windy conditions, with blanketed grommets and strengthened edges.
Retractable Banners: This fashion includes a vinyl banner that comes preassembled with a stand and case. Multiple patterns and sizes are available.

2. What are strengthened edges?

Our heat-welding process reinforces the edges of your banner, making it higher suited for outdoor and long-term use. We recommend both edges reinforcement and grommets if you’re hanging your banner backyard for a long time.

3. If I see wrinkles on my banner, how do I dispose of them?

Wrinkles need to smooth out over time. But if you want to pace up the process, place your vinyl banner beneath a heavy flat object to get the wrinkles out. To avoid creasing whilst storing, don’t put something on the pinnacle of the banner. We also endorse washing your fingers each time you deal with the banner.